Our history

Our foundation:

1966   Today's senior partner, Erich Hogger, founded the company as a timber merchant - initially as a seller and trader of high-quality veneer round logs. Later, the company also offered round timber cutting and the pre-cut of raw materials for the furniture industry.

1981   Erection of a warehouse for trimmed timber with an integrated incineration plant for waste wood and a computer-controlled drying chamber for sawn timber. Hence, all joineries in closer vicinity could be delivered with chamber-dried lumber.
Chamber-dried Ok, European Maple, Elm and many other local timber.

1991   Start of the manufacturing of semi-finished parts for the door production. Sales and distribution was implemented into the already existing business. Within short, further timber merchants could be equipped with these products for their own distribution and sales.

1993, May 1st   Devastating fire destroys premises. After nearly one year of reconstruction, we re-entered the market with our expertise in the door frame production and many side-products for the manufacturing of interior and exterior doors.
Distribution:    Since the re-construction we have been distributing our products exclusively by specialized wood traders within Germany and neighboring EU countries.
Products and Services:    High-quality door styles and rails for interior and exterior doors, cover boards, filling boards, inner layer boards, sandwich panels, decorative and veneer edges, internal door blanks, external door blanks with a solid cover and according to CE requirements. Designed wooden areas.
Lamella cuts on a commission basis for the parquet industry.

2000   The company was renamed to:
HOLZ - HOGGER, Leimholzprodukte- Fertigungs GmbH, Unterprienmühle 4, 83112 Frasdorf   represented by the three managing partners Erich Hogger jun., Herbert Hogger und Wolfgang Hogger

2003   Application of an European patent for a door rail with aluminum stabilizers. This invention has been essential to fulfill basic requirements to meet CE guidelines.
Introduction by law in February 2010.

2005   Establishment of new business in Switzerland by the Stuttgarter Verkaufsgesellschaft (HPV).

2007   Supply of special wood products to the dental industry for the production of internationally used micro-wedges.

2008   Business development in France by a free sales agent.

2011   Intensification and increase of businesses in France by another free sales agent.

2011   Production of high-quality components for the design of bath furniture.

Staff:    Currently there are 8 employees working in the field of sales, distribution, and administration.

Company philosophy:  From the very start, it has been our passion and belief to produce quality rather than quantity. We develop special production series according to individual wishes and requirements by our customers and clients. We strongly encourage the personal interaction with our respective partners in charge.