Styles and rails for exterior doors

Thin cover layers and specifically glued middle layers guarantee high dimensional stability of our styles and rails for exterior doors. The rabbets and profiles are dimensionally adapted to the usual tools.

  The gluing quality is regularly tested by an independent and widely recognized testing institute. This means highest production quality and safety!
AW - according to DIN 68705-2 knotless glue-on edges on both sides. 2 knotless glue-on edges for the dual seam. Vertically-aligned styles and rails contain a core of pinewood with finger-jointed head and end pieces of the respective wood type. The surface layer consists of an approx. 7 mm thick and sawn solid-wood surface. Exterior bars are at least 22 mm wide.   In addition to the versions, which has proven over decades, a new version with 2 integrated aluminum stabilizers is now available. Its construction provides that the casing can very easily be combined and processed with any other 68 mm casing of our product range.